About HBM

About Haiti Bible Mission

Based in Jeremie, Haiti (120 miles west of Port-au-Prince), our ministry focuses on empowering indigenous Haitian leaders through leadership development. This is done through discipleship, local church involvement, education community development and short-term missions. Our approach is highly relational and focuses on the most isolated and poverty stricken parts of western Haiti. We also have a heart to provide relief through meeting physical needs such as providing shelter or intervening for healthcare.

Leadership Development

Our leadership development program starts with seeking out indigenous men and women who have leadership qualities and a heart to change their country, regardless of their background or education. Whether for ministry or their respective vocation, we come alongside and help develop them to become the best leaders they can be. Through this training, we empower them to create lasting change in their community and take care of their country as only a native Haitian can do.


We train native pastors and staff through Biblical seminars and our leadership program to share the Word of God and teach leadership principles. By training these men and women to be Christian leaders in their communities, we empower them to create lasting change in their churches, workplace, and neighborhood to help their country as only they can.

Local church involvement

Haiti Bible Mission currently has four church plants both in and around the city of Jeremie. Our heart is to plant churches where there is a need and a pastor who is on fire for Christ and able to lead their flock, and foster healthy growth and outreach within each church. This is an effective way to reach many people in the community with the hope of Christ, while using indigenous pastors from their own communities to teach, identify and meet needs and care for those around them.


Education is very important to not only give young students knowledge to succeed in a future workplace, but also give them the principles to live their lives for Christ and love others. Our elementary school ranges from preschool through sixth grade, impacting over 160 students and 75 families in the rural community of Te Wouj. These young ones who are getting their minds and bellies filled each day are also becoming equipped to be the leaders of the future. We are excited to have a hand in preparing them for what God has in store. We also know how important it is for our staff to continue their education and pursue their passions, which is why we assist in helping them achieve their educational goals as well.


“Little children, let us not love in word or talk but in deed and in truth.”
— 1 John 3:18

Community Development

Haiti Bible Mission is dedicated to helping the people of Haiti through discipling emerging leaders, local churches, and educating future leaders of this country. We enjoy seeing our staff catch fire for God and use their gifts for outreach, whether assisting the sick or teaching sports clinics with a focus on prayer and excellence. This relational, grassroots ministry is supported by both individuals and churches throughout the United States who freely provide prayers, financial support, and mission teams of all ages.